This diet has been very popular among Kpop stars such as - Ga In, Hyosung, Soyu and many more.

Ga In spoke about it with OSEN through a phone interview stating, "One week before filming, I received the offer to appear in the music video. I was more nervous when I prepared my own album. I had to wear clothes that revealed a lot of skin, and one week was too short of a time for a proper diet. I ended up eating only one meal a day. More than having a good effect, i chose that diet to console myself."

Hyosung shared "Before the one meal a day diet became popular, I started eating one meal a day since last year. Because I like rice so much, I just ate one good meal a day and lost 5kg after a year of doing so."

Soyu shared "I stopped eating salty foods and limited my intake of carbohydrates. I would sometimes do 1 meal a day, and when I would get hungry, I would eat eggs or sweet potatoes"

The diet is straightforward, eating one meal a day. Since its one meal it would be suggested to eat it middle of the day between 12pm -3pm. This diet will work if you are dedicated to do this long term run. 

However there are many pros and cons to this diet.

  • Will help weight loss overtime and may see results within a few weeks depending on your weight, exercise and what you eat.
  • No restrictions, can decide on what you want to eat

  •  May slow down metabolism, since youre only eating one meal a day and not several.
  • Some people may not select healthy foods to eat.
  • No breakfast in the morning, so you'll be tired and have no energy.
  • Can be unhealthy as you'll be putting your body in a bit of starvation mood.

So would you try this diet or have you already tried it? ^^ I personally dont think I would try this as the cons overweight the pros.

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