The Garnier Light range isnt easy to find in UK, since Western people tend to prefer getting a tan rather than preventing to have one lol. (aka being pale). So purchasing them online is the easiest option. ^^ This is available on eBay for £2.95. Some reason these are travel size, it wasn't just from the seller I brought it from, but other few sellers too. Note that they don't tell you it's travel size, instead that say the size "15g". LOL Like how am I meant to know what size 15g is? xD They probably do sell the full size product, somewhere lol.

The cream itself is lightweight and non-greasy so it's great for summer. However it does leave residue behind which is the down factor. Moisturising wise, I would say average as it does moisturise the skin a little. It would probably moisture dry skin more. As for the main purpose of this product "lightening", when the cream is applied, it leaves a white cast like sunscreen. So it helps give off a more dewy radiance appearance and lighter looking skin. But for the actual lightening itself, I would say no. Gariner says the cream has lemon essence which helps to lighten the skin overtime. Using it for a month, I haven't seen any difference whatsoever. The SPF 15 does help prevent darkening a little.

Would I purchase this again? No, simply because (in my opinion) the cream is more maintaining your skin colour if its pale already. It wont have much effect if youre trying to lighten your skin. But since the cream is pretty inexpensive you could give it a try, as the result may vary for you. ^^ So have you tried any products from the Garnier Light range?

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