Apologies for the lack of posts recently, i'veI just started doing ALevels and I AM DYING! If it was just revising I guess I would be fine but 3 out of the 4 subjects I do consists of large amounts of coursework. So nvm blogging, barely even have the time to go toilet but i'm lacking off for a bit now because I miss blogging.

Okay so today I'll be review one of my recent purchases and favourite eyeliner of the month. 

This eyeliner is L'Oreal's first Gel Pencil Liner. What I love about it, is that its a retractable pencil so you can apply it super quickly and it doesn't require a brush like the traditional pot gel liners. One concern that most people have with "pencil" form liners is that it would smudge, but this liner is beautifully long lasting and smudge proof. One of bonuses of the smudge proof liner is that its also waterproof so if your the type of girl that wears make up to the beach or just don't want your liner to smudge in general, this is great!

Another thing you have to love about the liner is the it's highly pigmented! You can see in the photos below that its super black! The photos were taken on different days and different times throughout, as you can see it doesn't smudge at all.

The downsides of this liner is that sometimes it breaks, so to prevent that happening just use less pressure and dont twist out too much product. ^^ and sometimes you may find that the liner is a bit blunt so you would need to sharpen the liner like pencil ones.

I would recommend this liner as its inexpensive, highly pigmented, lasts all day and doesn't smudge. Also the packaging is sleek and very travel friendly so you can take it round with you easily, even though doubt I you would need any touch ups with this.

So have you try any of L'oreal's new liners? or how do you find your Alevels if you just started them as well? ^_^

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