If any of you guys read my blog, you would know that i'm not as active as I used to be... >< 
Since I do art, I delicate majority of my time to it. ^^ So to keep you guys updated and keep the blog active as much as possible, I will do art posts too. There is also a "Art Work" section too if you haven't seen/noticed it already. ^_^

This is my latest painting which is a replica (not sure if that even the correct word ahaha) of Jeff Musser's painting. Honestly I love his work awwww, even though it's not as good as his original one I had a lot of fun exploring his style! ^^ 

You guys can follow me on Instagram for more of my art works or just keep up to date with me! :D @MichelleCheungg


  1. Hello from China! So from time to time, I type myself into google and came upon your site. Thank you for using one of my tattoo paintings to create something new for yourself! Keep up the good work.

    Jeff Musser

    1. Awww no thank you Jeff for the inspiration! ^__^
      Motivated to work harder now~

  2. wow a very inspiration post!! I love the colours =) I have discovered you today and I would like to follow each other? Let me know it honey ;)
    Kisses from Spain.
    Have a happy day