Not long ago I did a review and swatch new Relvon Chroma Chameleon polish in the shade Amethyst. Recently I have brought another one but in the shade Pink Quartz. These polishes are so pretty! I seriously would buy the whole line but too broke hahaha. xD The polish is long lasting and very pigmented. The only difference I've found between the Pink Quartz and Amethyst, is that the colour of the Pink Quartz lasts longer. If you didn't read my Amethyst review, the metallic effect started to go dull after a few days if a top coat wasn't applied. Whereas the Pink Quartz remained and didn't go dull at all. So maybe the colour of the polish has an impact of the effect? 

Anyway I love love love these polishes and would recommend them to people that want something different to standard polishes or if you just like pretty colours in general. ^_^

Have you guys tried the Chroma Chameleon Polishes yet or what do you think or them? ^^

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