Today I will be reviewing something a little different, okay maybe very different to beauty products haha and that is a drink hahahaha awks... ^^"

So todays I received a sample of Baileys new creation, Baileys Chocolate Luxe. I just had to write a review on it because it is one of the most luxurious and spectacular drinks of the year! The combination of the Belgium chocolate and Irish cream is perfectly beautiful! The flavour is indulgently rich, yet the flavours of the whiskey, cream and chocolate don't over power each other. The hint of whiskey enhances the flavour of the chocolate. 

Since the winter season is coming up, this is a MUST HAVE drink for special occasions and especially for Christmas meals and parties! I really do recommend everyone to try this especially if you're already a Baileys lover. Its such a luxurious and elegant drink, honestly it taste like heaven in your mouth hahaha. :')

So what is your favourite drink of the year so far? ^^

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