This is the perfect Cobalt Blue i've been looking for! That classic clean sharp blue. Other drugstore ones had some sort of green tone to it. Yes, i'm picky about nail polishes too. Probably due to me being a Fine Art student and the necessity of getting that perfect shade is crucial. :') Cobalt blue is a great alternative to red, it still has that bold and classy vibe, except it's slightly more edgy. Definitely a colour that stands out and is attention grabbing.


Direct Sunlight
Indoor Dim Lighting

The polish is highly pigmented, one coat is enough. I applied two coats as I like a little bit of added thickness to my polish. Application was beautiful and smooth, dries very quick too. Has a nice glossy finish, I do wish it was more glossy like their Gelly Hi Shine range. Lasted for a good week before it starts chipping. The best thing about this polish is that it doesn't stain! Yasss no yellowy or green nails afterwards~ :')

Are you currently wearing any nail polish? If so, which colour? :D

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