First blog post of November 2013 >< I apologize for the lack of posts this month since my workload has just been M5D! Not even M4D like 5 or more haha. I've also started working on a new project for Youtube which will be up very soon ^_^

Anyway for those of yous that follow me on Instagram or have me on Facebook etc would know that i've recently dyed my hair red yayyy. ^_^ I don't know why but pictures of Park Bom's red hair has been re-surfing on my timeline again so I just fell in love with her red hair all over again. >< Plus I've been wanting to go back red for a while, so I thought why not go red for Christmas and spice things up a little ay? xDDD *Oooo I think me being a bit overly obsessed with Miss Fortune on League of Legends recently has also made an impact on me wanting to dye my hair red more. xD

-Inserts pictures of Bommie's perfect hair! *^* <3-

So to achieve Bom's hair colour I originally wanted to use L'Oreal Paris's Féria P37 Booster in Plum Power. But since I am going to be re-dye my hair again soon because red fades super quick, I went for a cheaper yet similar hair dye. Even though the Schwarzkopf LIVE Salon Style Intense Red doesn't have that plum/purple undertone it will do for now until I re-dye it >.<
If anyone is wondering, this is a orange based red. ^^

I used 2 boxes since I have medium/long hair. The box dye contains everything that you would expect from boxed dyes.
  • Developer
  • Creme Colour
  • Colour Conditioner
  • Instruction Leaflet
  • Gloves

Like so, apply to your hair and leave for 30mins before washing. Like with all red or purple hair dyes your bathroom with look like a crime scene once you wash your hair. 

Ready for the results? ^_^

Before dying my hair I had brown dyed hair with a bleached base (since I was blonde before ^^) so my hair will absorb hair dye colour easier due to the bleach. Note that the results may not be the same for you due to your current hair colours etc. Also your computer display may make the red look slightly different, because I know on Macs the red does look a bit brighter than it actually is.

Hair colour before dying - with flash

Hair colour before dying - without flash

Hair colour after dying - with flash

Hair colour before dying - without flash

This picture is for a comparison. As you may notice/know that before it dyed it I had a blonde fringe so the blonde areas turned out super bright red. Where as the areas where my hair is just dyed brown turned out a nice dark yet vibrant red colour.

Side view of the results. ^^ - natural daylight lighting

So what do you guys think of my new hair colour? and have any of you guys dyed your hair ready for the festive season too? :D Let me know in the comments ^_^

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