I purchased these from Watsons (I think it was about HK$100), as my hair is ridiculously dry and damaged from bleaching ;___; It comes in a pack of 10 x 5ml tubes. I didn't really know what to expect from these as it is said that you can't fix split ends/bond them together once it's split - the only way is to trim it. But desperate from cutting my hair, I gave these a try.

Now Pantene claims that this can heal split ends temporarily to make its appear healthy and new. The product is a lightweight cream that has the typical Pantene scent. I find that a little goes a long, I usually am able to use each tube two or three times. The tube is small so it great for traveling too. I apply this to the ends of my hair as thats mainly where my split ends are and leave the treatment on. It does not require you to rinse it off.

After using this, it made my hair feel and look a lot more healthier and softer. However it didn't really help to "fuse" my hair together. Sadtimes T__T" but it's still a lovely treatment for my ends (just doesn't actually fuse split ends). I used these after getting my haircut (i finallllyyy gave in ><) and found that these helped to prevent split ends and hydrate them very well. If you're looking for healthy ends then yes I would recommend it, if you're looking for a split end "cure" then no. Overall its still a good product. 

***Unfortunately these are now discontinued but if you live in Australia you can purchase them from Grayson online (link) for $11.95

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