In my red hair dye post I briefly mentioned working on a project, by the title of this post you pretty much know what its about now. ;D So yes, I will now be painting League champions and making speed painting videos, at least once every month. To start off this "project" I painted my fave champion MF. ^^ I know some of you guys may want more, but due to my a-level subject choices its really hard for me to fit it into my scheduled already, as I do time consuming and heavy revision required subjects. >.< But for League its worth.

So why am I doing this? Mainly because I suck at League, the only thing i'm probably good at is art. League has the most beautiful and captivating splash arts, so why not paint them? ^^ I know i'm not the best "artist" but I am working on improving my skills. I really need to work on my League skills too lolol. Someone get Doublelift to teach me! >< I kid. xDD

I'm 5ever am loyal to kpop, so hopefully I will be posting some kpop painting too kekeke ^^ Anyway on the sidebar of my blog will now feature the latest video I post. I also updated the header of my blog if anyone noticed keke. I hope you guys will support me! and if you haven't watch my first viddy (its below for you ;D) Please share it around, like show everyone you know friends, family, neighbourhood, the whole of china lolol i'm just kidding. But I will really appreciate it. ^_^

*Some have people mentioned to me to post it on Reddit, i'm not really sure how to use Reddit. Shameful but in all honesty, I didn't even know what Reddit was until one month ago opps! >< This is how you know that I spend majority of my time revising. I kid that's a lie, I do revise though. :') So guys feel free to post it on Reddit if you want xDD.

What do you guys think? Any suggestions tell me on the comments below! ^_^

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