This is their first full length album with 13 tracks. The title track is 1004 which is pronounces as Angel. 


1. B.A.P
2. 1004
3. Easy
4. SPY
5. Clock On
6. Shady Lady
7. Lovesick
8. Bang X2
9. SNS
10. Body & Soul
11. Save Me
12. B.A.B.Y
13. With You

Can you wait for the album? ^^


  1. Hey there!!I also anticipate for this upcoming album from B.A.P!!A bit disappointed since they didnt win any award at GDA..yupp same with seems like January really sucked my life into a black hole!!everything turned upside down on this month..feeling a bit sad over it..(sigh) whatever it is I hope this Feb the Matokis will bring some rainbow gumballs for me..^^

    1. Heyyy ^^ Hopefully it should be really good since BYG worked his body and soul into it :')
      I knoww, was so sad they didnt win anything, but in BABYz heart's they won everything hehe ^^
      Completely feel the same as you! Naww don't be sad, February should be much much better! ^_^