Banana diet sounds kind of yummy right? The banana diet is also known as the "Glamour diet" since the results of this diet is that you'll have a smaller/slimmer face, fats in the waist and stomach is burnt which enhances your boobs so that look slightly larger.

Seo InYoung's official profile weight is 43kg, but as we know what celebrities have on their profile tends to be false. During this diet Seo InYoung lost 6kg in 4 weeks which is WOW a lot.

Morning: 1 - 2 fresh bananas and 2 cups of water.
Lunch: healthy Korean meal, anything can be eaten it.
Dinner: healthy Korean meal, include rice preferably brown, vegetables and a little meat.
Snack: bananas of course! xD

This diet is great for those that don't like to be restricted to strict deals, as you can choose what to eat for lunch and dinner, but make sure its healthy, low in fat, salt and sugar. Have self control and monitor how much you eat though. However, this diet I would not recommend it for people with diabetes as bananas have high sugar content. . 

This diet is super simple, however I personally think that losing 6kg in 4 weeks sounds a bit dramatic? Maybe its the foods Seo InYoung ate for lunch and dinner that contributed to the weight lose more. But who knows, unless you try and see if it actually does or not.

So would you guys try this diet? ^^


  1. They must follow a strict exercising schedule right? I mean I ate the same as that but I've always been 130 pounds. I tried so many times to drop to 110 pounds but it never happened.

    1. Most celebrities go on diets along side exercising ^^ or they may lost weight during rehearsals.
      Nawww sorry to hear that, hope you'll achieve your goal soon ^^