ROHTO C3 Moist+ Contact Lens Eye Drops Review

January 26, 2014 $11.90 (£7.25)

I have been interested in Rohto's eye products ever since Michelle Phan used a minty eye drop in her old videos all the way back in 2008. Now today I will be reviewing one of the products i've used, Rohto C3 Moist+. ^_^ 

I bought this online from; the C3 Moist+ is great for users that wear contact lenses as the eye drops has been formulated so that contact users can apply it whilst wearing contacts lenses . It does a good job in moisturising the eyes. I use this during lessons, using the computer , revision etc as it relieves tired eyes from wearing contacts for long periods and staring at things for long periods in general. 

When applying C3 Moist+ 1-2 drops is enough to moisturise the eyes. The cooling effect of this eye drop is low, unlike the other eye drops from Rohto such as C3 Cool+, so it feels like adding water to your eyes. Its very travel friendly, as the bottle is small and has a sleek shape.

The only downside of this eye drop; is that after you've applied it, your vision will be blurred for a few seconds to 1 minute. 

Overall I think the eye drop is a so so, it helps with moisturising the eyes and contact lenses so it does the job. It does blur your vision for a few seconds, which some users may find annoying as they may need to get back to what they are doing asap. I wouldn't mind using the eye drops again but it's unlikely I would repurchase it again, as I like to try out new products. I would rate this product 3/5. 

So have you tried any Rohto products and is there any that you would recommend? ^_^

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