Long time no review >.< my apologies! School has just been getting in the way of my life...

Anyway back to reviewing the Mizon SNAIL RECOVERY GEL CREAM. I have no idea why they called it GEL CREAM, since it's a gel... I have a thing for snail products! So one of the factors that I love about this product, is that it contains 74% of snail slime filtrate. The product comes in a small 45ml tube, which is great for traveling. This lasted me 2-3 months, using it every morning and night. So if you only use in the morning or night, it would last you longer. Sometimes I used it as a sleeping mask, so this gel can be a multi functional product.

The gel spreads out nicely and absorbs into the skin rapidly. The gel is super light weight and moisturises my skin so well without it feeling greasy. My skin looks and feels hydrated with a subtle radiance! I've noticed little improvements in my skin using this - the redness of my acne scars have reduced, helps to clear little spots and my skin is more hydrated. The reduced redness happened using this product overtime, so don't expect immediate results guys.

The product doesn't contain any artificial colour or fragrance which is great for those with sensitive skin. Also the gel has a slimly texture, like snail slime which I also love! You can see the slimly texture in the photo below.

Overall, I LOVE this product. It's super affordable, does great job at hydrating the skin and it works great against redness and minor acne. It also absorbs into the skin rapidly. I honestly would recommend this product to everyone. Since it's so affordable, no harm in trying it ay and seeing if it would do wonders to your skin? ^_^ This is definitely a product I would keep on purchasing, since I love that subtle hydrated radiant glow it gives to my skin and my skin had recovered quite a bit, since I started using this gel after an acne breakout. >.< I would rate this 4.5/5 only because it does't help all of the problems its claims such as fine lines. you cant really expect all products to live up to their claims ay since there are so many claims.

What do you guys think of snail filtrate products? ^_^


  1. Does it reduce redness well?im still waiting for mine to arrive from ebay :)

    1. Yes yes! ^^ It won't get rid of it completely but you should see some noticeable reduction.
      Aww good luck with it~ such a lovely product ^__^