Late post as I have been doing hella loads of revision for my biology exam this Friday >.< so I only just managed to find some time to quickly write this >.< Anyway...

Many of you guys already would have heard that B.A.P are having a Europe tour.

For UK; the concert will be held at
London at 02 Brixton Academy
on April 27th 2014.
The concert will start at 7:00pm.
Which I find kind of weird since the 27th is a Sunday... o.o

Tickets will be available on sale from £88 to £100 each.
You can purchase them from the 02 priority website,
if you guys have 02 priority moments - lucky you! ;D
The pre-ticket sale is THIS FIRDAY 9:00am March 21st! >.<

I am super happy B.A.P are coming to the UK - however I personally think that TS Entertainment/Twisted Talent scheduled a really bad timing to do the concerts. As April 27th is very close to UK's exam period, this means that not as much BABYZ will attend the concert, than if it were to be held during late June/July. Also the notice was super short, so fans don't have much time to prepare themselves.

On the other hand are you guys excited for B.A.P's first Europe concerts? ^^ and if you are going, don't forget to take loads of photos and fancams! Hope you have fun too~ <3

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