I believe that this is going to by first makeup pictorial on this blog? ^_^ One of my new followers requested the tutorial for B.A.P's Inspired Eyeliner look, so now that it is the Easter holidays I finally have some time to create the tutorial yayyy~ My face isn't very photogenic today since i'm super tired >.< But anyway here is my B.A.P inspired eyeliner makeup tutorial~

To start off here are pictures of Zelo's and Himchan's eyeliner that I used for reference:

B.A.P and many other KPop artist are seen supporting a bold eyeliner. The eyeliner is smokey and has a masculine characteristics due to the waterline being lined. In my version of the inspired makeup, I used grey and black eye shadow - however I think that B.A.P only used a gel eyeliner and smudged it out.

Products that I used:

E.L.F 32 Eyeshadow Palette - Warm ( Black shadow)
Gosh Trio Eyeshadow - TR15 Sense (Gun metal grey shadow)
Bobbi Brown - Long Wear Cream Shadow (I prefer using cream shadow over gel liner ^^)

If you want the overall look to be more B.A.P inspired you can wear grey circle lenses. ^^ The sunlight did wash out the photos a little bit; in real life this makeup look is more bolder. If you want the makeup to look even more bold, you can add mascara and false eyelashes. I chose to skip it, since I don't normally use mascara or wear false eyelashes in general.

This makeup is great for those with monolids as it makes the eyes look bigger, defined and enhanced. The makeup photographs beautifully! Whenever I take photos wearing this makeup look, people complement me on it and ask me how I did my makeup. >.< Welllll now you know xDDD The secret is out! ;D

Hope you guys find this tutural helpful and if you guys decide the try it out please show me! I would love to see your take on it~ ^__^


  1. I think you re-did B.A.P's make up really well :D The smokey effect is usually a tough one for me. Nice job!


    1. Awww thank you ^__^
      A lot of blending and smudging the eyeliner makes it easier~ ^^

  2. waaa nice tutorial :3
    btw, followed you :)


  3. Hi i have tested it( im not a asia type) it's really cool! I love it<3

  4. Hi! Loved This tutorial and I was wondering would this work with using liquid or pencil eyeliner instead and can you make a 1004 Angel inspired makeup please? Thank you so much!!!

    1. Glad you loved it! ^__^ It would work great with pencil eyeliner too~ Liquid may look a bit harsh.
      Yes sure! I shall put that as one of my upcoming post ^^ Your welcome :D

  5. This is too amazing for words. BAP look totally recreated. ^_^