For the last 6 months I have been dying my hair with Schwarzkopf LIVE Salon Style in 5-29 Intense Red. The colour faded very quickly; which was expected as I have bleached hair so it doesn't hold the hair dye pigments very well and the fact that red hair dye fades quite fast in general. I decided to try out a different shade of red as I wanted a change. I really want to dye my hair pink or lilac but I need to keep it red for prom, so for now I will just have to opt out for different shades of red. =w=

I decided to use LIVE Colour XXL HD in 43 Red Passion, as I have used the old formula "LIVE Colour XXL Colour Intense in Red Passion" before. I couldn't find it on the selves of any stores, so I believe that the old formula is now discontinued and replaced by the HD Intense Colour. I have liked the results of the old formula so I was expecting vivid and bold results with the new HD formula because you know it's HD... xD

The original retail price of the dye is £5.49. I purchased it for £4 at Superdrug, the offer is still on so grab it quick if you want to try out this dye because who doesn't love sales or discounts?!

The box contains everything you would expect from boxed dyes.

  • Developer
  • Colour cream
  • After Treatment
  • Instruction Leaflet
  • Gloves
Once I have mixed the developer and colour cream together and have applied it to my head, I left it on for 45 minutes to develop. When it finished developing, my hair looked black. So I was feeling "meh =_=" about this dye as I knew the results were going to come out darker than I expected. Then I rinsed out the dye and applied the after treatment, it was very moisturising and made my hair shinny. Anyway...

Ready for the results? ^_^ 

My hair before dying it - horribly faded red hair. >.<
You can see the unpleasant orange tones of the previous red dye peaking out. 

Hair colour after dying and washing it - the colour did come out vivid yet some what dark? So I was quite disappointed with the results as I was expecting a brighter red since I already have red hair. However, I do like the purple tones that this red dye has. 

Hair colour the next morning after dying it - the colour is very vivid in bright daylight and sunlight, which I like, as the colour intensity is soooo pretty. xD

Still the colour is a bit dark for my liking, the colour even appears quite dark in selfies~ T^T.

The dye does offer HD colour results and makes the hair very shiny. However, I highly disagree with dye being "long lasting" as a lot of the dye pigment leaks/comes out when you wash it. I have had this colour for almost 2 weeks now, and the colour of my previous hair dye is already starting to peak out. =w=

The colour is nice however it fades very quickly. Personally I may not repurchase this dye in the future, as I prefer a brighter red and a dye that doesn't fade so quickly.

What do you guys think of the dye and have you tried any on the LIVE Colour XXL HD dyes? ^^

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  1. My hair is dark to medium brown what colour do you think it will lift to? How red will it be?