This is one of the birthday gifts I received from my wifey~ ^^ After doing a little bit of research online, I believe this product is discontinued. >.< However it is still available from some sellers on eBay ranging for £11.99 to £14.99.
This product claims:
  • To provide tailored skin nutrition for healthy looking, bright and beautiful skin
  • Oil free formula that helps to unblock pores and clear excess sebum
  • Hypo allergenic - as skin can have sensitive moments 
The product has a sleek packaging that is simple yet elegant. I like that the serum comes out of a pump, this make it more hygienic. The product is hypo-allergenic, this is great for those with sensitive skin. Also it makes the product very gentle and does not dry out the skin like many other blemish products. It moisturises the skin, not amazing but it does a decent job.

The consistency of the serum is very thin, so it spread out easily and a little go a long way. Not to mention how the serum lasted for a good few months, using it day and night. The skin absorbs the serum very rapidly, leaving the skin feeling hydrated and soft. 

After using this for a few months, I didn't see much results. As much as I wanted this product to help clear up my blemishes, I did not see much of a difference. Which makes me sad as I've read a few reviews of this product doing wonders people's skin. >.< 

Even though this serum hasn't helped me clearing up blemishes, I did find that this product helped to prevent blemishes. This serum is great for  those with oily/spot prone skin as it is oil free and gives you a extra 1-3 hours before the skin starts to get oily again.

Overall I am neutral with this product, as it didn't give amazing results but it didn't give bad results either. So I would rate this product 2.5/5. I wouldn't recommend this serum to other people simply because there are serums that offer better results at around the same price. I do think this is great for those that want to prevent blemishes and have sensitive skin as its not often you find a hypo allergenic blemish prevention serums in the UK.

So would you guys try this product or would like to try any of No7's products? ^_^

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