The Holika Holika One Solution line has 3 different ampoules for different skin needs: Anti-Wrinkle, Clear and Whitening. My skin has been decent these last few months so I purchase the Whitening ampoule instead of the Clear one, so that it could skin out my skin tone and help lighten up my hyper-pigmentation (acne scars).

The Whitening ampoule's function is brightening. It contains "Summer Snow Extract" which is my first time hearing of summer snow, so I tried Googling and researching it but nothing came up. ;_;

The product is in a glass bottle; which is quite heavy, so its not very travel friendly. It has a twist-off lid with a dropper pipette, which is great as it allows you to control the product and enables a easy and  hygienic application. 

The consistency of the Whitening Ampoule is watery, so it absorbs into the skin quickly and does not leave any residue or film on the skin. The ampoule has a really nice floral scent, which I really like and find that it brightens up my mornings. However the scent is quite strong, so I wouldn't recommend the product to those who don't like parfums or strong scents in their products. 

I've used the product everyday for 2 months, applying it after my toner. My skin tone is more even and moisturised, which I like has my skin looks brighter and healthier. My hyper-pigmentation has also lightened slightly, not dramatically but it did help lighten them slightly and speed up the lightening process. 


  • Absorbs quirky into the skin, does not leave residue  
  • Adds a bit more moisture to the skin too
  • Even out skin tone
  • Helps to lighten up hyper pigmentation/acne scars slightly
  • Uplifting floral scent


  • Packaging is quite heavy, not travel friendly
  • Would be nicer if the brightening power was stronger :')

Rating: 7/10

Would I repurchase?

Yep, but I would like try other whitening ampoules/serums to see if they would give quicker or better results. ^^

Would I recommend it?

Yes, the product does what it claims - brighten up the skin tone, has a hygienic packaging, nice floral scent and super affordable. I got mine for $12.11 (£7.13)

Have you try any new ampoules or serums lately? ^^

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