Although I personally did not like Hyomin's solo debut song - NICE BODY, one can not deny that she does have a nice body. In preparation of the debut. she did cross-fit exercises (varied high intensity  movments) along with two diets, one after another. 

Official profile weight: 43kg
Weight lost during diet: 4kg (9lbs)

First diet: 7 day Lemon Detox Diet 

A Lemon Detox is basically a cleansing program that results in rapid weight lost. No solid food is to be taken during the diet, so 6 to 12 glasses of the lemonade mixture is drank throughout the day. 

The lemonade recipe:
  • 2 tbs of fresh lemon juice
  • 2tbs of genuine / pure maple syrup
  • 1/10 tbs of cayenne peooer
  • 300ml water (hot or cold as preffered)
Whenever you are feeling hungry, mix all ingredients together and drink it.

A lemon detox diet is usually done along with a salt water flush, as it helps to cleanse the body. The salt water flush needs to be drank all at once.

Salt water flush recipe:
  • 1 tbs sea salt
  • 1 litre of water
The lemon diet is very hardcore indeed, I would properly last two days maximum!!! ;_;

After the lemon detox diet she did another diet, as the body is cleansed so she would need to slowly introduce nutrients back into the body. 

Second diet: 5 Days Diet

This diet consists on various healthy foods. The body will slowly recover back to normal during this diet, so it's required to avoid meat, fish, milk and eggs.

Day 1: 

Freshly blended juices

Day 2: 

Morning: Vegetables
Afternoon: Vegetables and porridge
Evening: Cherry tomatoes, coffee

Day 3:

Morning: Greens
Afternoon: Porridge, salad
Evening: Porridge, salad

Day 4:

Morning: Porridge, salad
Afternoon: Juice
Evening: Porridge

Day 5:

Morning: Porridge, salad, jucie
Afternoon: Salad
Evening: Porridge

Honestly I would not go on this diet myself, as I find it quite extreme and not substantial. Its great for rapid weight lost but its not recommended for long term run as you will be lacking many nutrients. The diets are extremely low in calories, so you will fatigue for the first few days.

Would you give these diets a try or do you think the diets hardcore too? O__O


  1. we shouldn't use any kind of food while going on this diet??? :O TNX for post <3

    1. For the lemon detox unfortunately nope >.<
      For the 5 days after you can start to slowly introduce food ^_^

  2. will i need to do the salt flush every day?

    1. Just on the 7 days along with the Lemon Detox Diet ^^

  3. No food what about soup or milk

    1. Soup should be fine, as long it doesn't contain anything like salt or artificial like MSG, as it is a detox.
      I would not recommend milk, as you know acid and milk aren't a good combination. ^^

  4. While being on lemon detox diet can I drink green tea or white tea without sugar ?

    1. green and white tea should be fine since they help to detox the body too and are high in antioxidant ^^

  5. This sounds crazy! I'd probably last one day hahaha she's so strong though I imagine the pressure she felt was high :(

    1. agreed! it happens a lot in the kpop industry though >,<

  6. i'll give a try. Cause im desperatlu wanna lose my weight. My bff prefer to take slimming pills. but i dont think it is the best way? Right?

    1. you never know what the results are until you try ^.<
      depends whats in the pill, i've tried pills they didn;t really do anything

  7. With the lemon detox is it normal when you swallow some of the drink it kinda burns or stings a tiny bit

    1. It shouldn't unless you have a cut in your throat or if you're sensitive to spicy stuff (the cayenne pepper). Try adding more water to dilute it, or dont put the cayenne pepper if youre sensitive to spice. ^^ If it still burns/still, then I suggest you to stop