Written in AkMu's autobiography "Raise Your Voice High!" they went on a diet before their debut. When YG artist go on diets, they do it along side a exercise routine so any weight lose is not just by dieting alone. 

The diet is quite standard, it consists of lean meat, vegetables and fruits and to avoid high sodium foods and oily foods. 

Lunch: Vegetarian bibimap (rice, eggs and vegetables)

Evening: Chicken breast, vegetables, rice

Foods banned: snacks (bread, crisps, cookies, sweets etc), high sodium foods (ramen, smoked, canned or cured meats or fish etc)

If Soo Hyun wanted to eat other foods, she had to take a photo of it and send it to her dietician and get it approved before she can eat it.

This sounds like a decent diet to me, its not harsh and its healthy so I might give it go~ If I do then I shall post my journey. ^_^ What do you guys think of this diet?


  1. The diet sounds healthy and not as extreme as the other kpop diets! I might try it out soon and hopefully see some results with decent exercise~

  2. What we are supposed to have for breakfast? TT

    1. They didn't state what they have for breakfast >.< but stick with fruits, veggies and protein! ^^ Bananas would be really good for breakfast to start the day off :')