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I've been loving the love grey hair trend or 'ahjumma' (Granny in Korean) hair as some people would say. I've been wanting it for almost a 2 years now but still haven't got the courage to do it! So here's a grey hair appreciation post for me to brave up and do it soon !~ ^^


After School - Nana

Teentop - L Joe


Mblaq - Mir

Tara - Qri


Big Bang - Top

Girl's Day - Hyeri

EXO - Sehun

B.A.P - Daehyun 


I know there are still plenty more artists that had grey hair but these ones are my favourite.

Who do you think pulled it off the best? ^.^


  1. I so love this hair colour, I'd never be brave enough to do it though hehe^^ Hyosung looks so gorgeous with it though omg*-* x

    I blog a lot about Korean fashion and beauty, if you want to check out my blog I'll leave a link. If you'd like to follow eachother on GFC/Bloglovin let me know and I'll come follow you back! ^^

    1. Its beautiful isn't~ ^^

      Sure ill check out your blog and follow you ^^
      Thanks for reading~

  2. Great blog! I just followed you (GFC), would you please follow me back? :)

    Michaella from

  3. Thanks for following me :)! Do you have bloglovin? Or should I follow you on google+? I think that Hyunseung looks the best in grey hair! He looks so perfect! I really love his grey hair!
    Love your blog btw! :)

    1. No problem! ^^ Google+ would be ideal~
      Ikr, it suits him so well :')
      Thank you! Love yours too <3

    2. Sorry for the late reply! .-.Hyunseung really looks incredible :3 But thank you so much :3

    3. Its fine~ She does indeed ^^ your welcome :3