I love the So...? Perfume sprays, so when I found out that So..? does dry shampoos, I decided to try them out. ^_^ The packaging is eye catching and sassy, I love that they used bold colours. It like carrying an accessory around. 

I'll do a review for each one, since they each offer different results and different scents. ^^ They also have a purple one called So...? Glamorous, which unfortunately I couldn't find in stores. >.<

So...? Va Va Volume - Xtra Body (BLACK)

I love the volume and body Va Va Volume gives me. My hair is always flat whenever I wake up, so volume is essential for me. This used in conjunction with teasing, gives you beautiful voluminous hair. It has a sandalwood and mature floral scent (like jasmine). A really calming scent, however I personally find it a bit overwhelming since the scent is not really my cup of tea. 

So...? Fabulous - Fruity & Fresh (BLUE)

This one is my favourite scent, a fruity citrus scent that lifts up my mornings. Although this does not give "extra body" the volume is still great. Its just not as long lasting as Va Va Volume. 

So...? Lovely - Floral & Flirty (PINK)

This one has a sweet and girly scent, a hint a rose - which I think is great for dates or when you're feeling girly. ^^ Same as Fabulous, it still gives a little volume.


The dry shampoos do an amazing job - it absorbs the oils, leaves my hair fresh for hours, smells great and gives volume. ^^ I always spray a good amount of dry shampoo, So...? gives the least white residue. A little rubbing and brushing will get rid of the white coating. This is really great for people with oily hair and in-between washes.


  • Affordable
  • Does the job - absorbs excess oils and leave hair fresh for hours
  • Leaves little residue
  • Great variety of scents


  • Only con is that not much stores have them stocked :c I hope that it will expand more so that more people will get to try these out! 

Rating: 9/10

Would I repurchase?

Indeed - these are currently my favourite dry shampoos. ^^

Would I recommend?

100% - affordable and lovely variety of scents to suit everyone. They also sell  these as a gift set. It comes with all 4 of the scents and in a cute travel size, a great christmas gift. ^^

What are some of your favourite dry shampoos? ^^


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  4. Dry shampoo, I have not seen this brand before *0*

    The fruity & fresh one you have mentioned with the citrus fragrance sound very delightful as I'm a big fan of lemony or citrus fresh and awakening scents!! ^____^/

    Currently I'm using dry shampoo from Tresemme !! When I'm finished, I will search for these ones!!

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  9. I definitely want to try out the volume one! I've only ever tried of the batiste ones because it's pretty cheap and it's always near the till at superdrug and boots lmao!

    Thanks for the review! ^_________^

    Steph | datewithsteph.

    1. Tell me how it goes when you try it ^^ I used to use the Batiste ones, no idea why I stopped >.<

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