Girls want quite a lot, don't they? Well this is my wish list for this month, its too long to wait for special occasions just to make a wish list. xD

1. Foreo Luna Mini - Magenta or Petal Pink £99

This product was featured in SecretLifeOfABioNerd's most recent video, i'm curious as to how it varies to a cleansing brush. ^^ Although I don't own a electronic cleansing brush, I think this will be more gentle and suitable for my skin.

2. Innisfree - Mineral Shading £8.20

I seriously need to get a new bronzer before I run out. >.< This one caught my eye, however I can't find any reviews or swatches. >.<

3. NYX - The Curve Liner £14

I really like the fine tip and curve of the eyeliner. ^_^


4. IZZI Slim iPhone 5 Camera Case 4 in 1 Lens - White £69.99

I've seen so many Youtubers with this case! I love the different lens and it great since I take a lot of photos! 

5. Jouer Anti-Blemish Matte Primer £29

Much much in need of a good primer, that helps to keep me matte. >.< This is helps to prevent blemishes too, so its a bonus. 

6. Missguided Graphic Checked Shirt £24.99

Not usually my style, but i've been loving the grid and checked trend this season~ ^^ 

7. Leather Tote Bag

I've been eying this for ages but i can't decided which colour to get. >.< Maybe I should purchase both hehe~

Whats on your wish list for this month? ^_^ 


  1. i REALLY love that checkered jacket! thanks for sharing about it!

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  3. I've heard about the Foreo too! It seems easier to clean as opposed to a cleansing brush~ I love Innisfree products, let me know how the bronzer is if you do purchase it!

    1. Seems like a more fun concept too~ ^^ Okies~ I'll write a review on it when i do purchase it ^^

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  5. Hey :D I just came by your blog and it's amazing.
    I would like to try the facial cleanser too, a lot of American beauty gurus have lots of good reviews for it.

    Welcome to my blog and follow me please :D

    1. Hey~ Thank you! ^^
      I knowwww, hopefully we'll get round to trying it too :D

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  8. Great wishlist! I really love these bags! They look so amazing. I wondered if you would like to follow each other. Let me know on my blog. That would be really awesome! :)

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