As mentioned in my Attack on Titan Makeup post; I was going to dye my hair again. The colour I opted out for is purple~ because vibrant hair colours is my thing~ xDD Although the dye states that it's a Deep Burgundy colour; I knew it would come out purple since my hair is bleached and this dye is purple base ( most burgundy dyes often have a red base). So the results will vary for people with natural/unbleached hair.


The box comes with the usual: Instruction leaflet, gloves, colour cream, developer and conditioner. (Apologies that I forgot to photograph the contents this time.)


I first mixed the colour cream and developer cream together to form the dye and then applied it my hair in sections. Once application was complete; I tied my hair into a bun, place my hair into a plastic bag and left it for 20 minutes. The dye contains shea butter and 3 nourishing oils (avocado, olive and blackcurrant). Which is great, as it does not dry out your hair during the dye procedure. It also has a strong fruity scent - lovely and covers up the smell of ammonia. The consistency of the dye is perfect! Not too runny or thick, easy and pleasant application. 

After 20 minutes, I finished my hair with shampoo and the conditioner that came with the dye. Pure love for the conditioner, it always nourishes my dry damaged hair and gives its shine - bringing my hair back to life. I wish they sold the conditioner separately too. There is a generous amount of conditioner that will last for good few weeks.


The dye first came out as deep rich violet colour, due to the nature of bleached hair absorbing in everything. The dye then faded to a blackcurrant colour, which matched the box. After a few more washes it faded to a pinky purple colour. I am expecting it to fade even more. Of course if you're using this dye on unbleached hair it won't fade as quickly or as light.

Indoor lighting:

Natural Sunlight:

Garnier Nutrisse dyes never fails to disappoint me. The colour outcome is so beautiful; many of my classmates have been complemented the colour too. ^^


  • Nourishing dye - does not dry/further damage the hair
  • Rich and vibrant colour
  • The dye and conditioner contains shea butter and nourishing oils
  • Easy to use
  • Even coverage
  • Comes with a generous conditioner


  • Contains ammonia/ammonium hydroxide

Rating: 9/10

Would I recommend?

Most definitely! - Beautiful colour, easy to use and affordable. I had no problems using the dye at all. The only con I could think of is that it contains ammonia, which is damaging to the hair. One of my all time favourite drugstore dyes. ^^

Have you switched your hair colour recently too? ^^


  1. It looks so pretty on you! The blackcurrent colour especially is really nice^^ x

  2. Great review!! I love burgundy hair! It looks amazing!
    xoxo Jenny

  3. Aww the color looks amazing on you! And your eyeliner is so on point *V* I could never do that haha, I followed you on GFC C:

    Jessie @ bijou-heart ♥

    1. Thank you! ^^ awww practise makes perfect ^.~ you'll be able to one day ^^ Followed you back <3

  4. Omg, the color turn out good on u XD
    I always fail when coloring my hair by myself >3< or maybe I chose the wrong hair color product lol :D
    I followed ur blog :D

    1. Thank you! ^^ awww it could be natural hair colour too? ^^ Followed you back ^.~

  5. wow the color is so amazing!!
    unfortunately i already dyed my hair red-purple so I want to change it hahaha
    anyway, do you want to follow each other on GFC and bloglovin? :)
    just let me know.. ;*


    1. Thank you! ^^ ahhh dye it purple when it fades? ^.~
      Sure, it would be great! ^^

  6. The color looks pretty, though.
    Wanna follow each other via GFC? Please let me know :) Kisses**