Clairol Herbal Essences - Break's Over Anti-Breakage Strengthening Conditioner 400ml

This is one of my favourite conditioners! I can't find it in stores anymore not sure whether this is discontinued or not. "Beautiful Ends" may be the replacement. The conditioner scent is lovely - it has a soft honey and milk scent. It leaves your hair very soft, smooth and shiny. This condition hydrated my hair intensively and did protect my hair from breakage, as I have  very damaged hair from bleaching.

Rating: 10/10
Would I repurchase? - Definitely! IF I can find it in stores again that this. 
Would I recommend it? - Definitely! A inexpensive conditioner that does the job and what it claims beautifully? Why wouldn't recommend this beauty? 

Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light - Lightweight Nourishing Mask 200ml

Another one of my favourites! The mask hydrates and nourishes the hair very well, leaving my hair soft and shiny. I can't describe the scent but it smell very nice and like a professional salon product. The product itself is very lightweight. It does not weight my hair down, so after blow drying my hair, my hair is left feeling lightweight and fluffy. 

Rating: 10/10
Would I repurchase? - Definitely!
Would I recommend it? - Definitely! A inexpensive mask that nourishes your hair and leaves it soft and lightweight, why not? 

Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light - Instant Damage Defence Conditioning Spray 150ml

The product is half oil and half liquid. This is great as it conditions the hair well and leaves it smelling great. Its lightweight and does not weight down the hair. I prefer this over leave in conditioners as my hands won't be cover in product. Its also great for mornings, especially when i'm in a rush. i can just spray this on and quickly leave.

Rating: 9/10
Would I repurchase? - Yes, if I can find it stores that is. >.<
Would I recommend it? - Yes, its great for those always in a rush in the mornings and feel that their hair is a bit dry and needs some nourishment.

MESSHEAD Hair Therapy - Heat Protection Spray 250ml

I brought this from the 99p store for 50p! I was tempting to purchase it since the store was closing down and everything was 50p. Plus I like to try new products, so why not? The heat protection spray is nothing special, it does protect the hair from heat, however I feel that it doesn't protect it fully, especially not from high heats such as 230c. 

Rating: 5/10
Would I repurchase? - If it goes on sale for such a bargain price again.
Would I recommend it? - Yes and No. Yes if you're on a budget or don't want to spend much on haircare. This does the job. However no, if you use high heats like me. As your hair will not be fully protected.

So...? Va Va Volume and So...? Fabulous Dry Shampoo 150ml

Read the full review by clicking here. ^_^

Rating: 9/10
Would I repurchase?: Indeed. ^^
Would I recommend?: 100% - affordable and lovely variety of scents to suit everyone. They also sell  these as a gift set. It comes with all 4 of the scents and in a cute travel size, a great christmas gift. ^^

Attitude - Dry Shampoo 150ml

Another dry shampoo because I really greasy hair. >.< This one smells like raspberries! I love the scent. It's nothing special but does the job and absorbs the oils. However I find this one leaves your hair with quite a lot white residue. 

Rating: 5/10
Would I repurchase? - When i'm running low on money.
Would I recommend it? - Yes and no, yes if you're on a budget or don't want to spend much on haircare. This smells great and it does the job. No for those with dark hair, as you have to wait while before the white residue disappears.

Schwarzkopf - Gliss Shine Tonic - Shimmering Shine & Repair Care 100ml

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Rating: 6/10
Would I repurchase? - Maybe - for something a little extra. The shine it gives is really nice, however I tend to forget to spray it and often neglect the product. 
Would I recommend it? - The tonic is lightweight, it adds extra shine to your hair and makes it tangle less. If thats what you're looking for then yes I do recommend it to you.

So what hair products have you finished using up in the last few months? ^^


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