I hope every had a lovely Christmas with their loved ones and received everything they wished for! ^__^ Probably my last post for 2014 eeks >.<

Today i'll be writing a empties post~ My mother always nags at me for having "too many products" (oops). So for the last few months, I have been trying to use up my old products asap to reduce the amount there is (and quite frankly so that I can purchase new products xDD). I tried to keep this post mainly drugstore products, although their is the 1 or 2 higher end products. I have a lot more empties accumulated waiting for me to write more empties posts, which I will get round to soon! >.< 

minicell Tomato Stem Extract REVITAL PEELING GEL - £7.29

For full review click here* ^_^

Rating: 8/10
Would I recommend?: Definitely! ^^ removes dead cells effectively, more than other peeling gels I have tried - leave the skin soft and smooth.

Superdrug Vitamin E SPF 15 Radiance Eye Cream - £2.99

A simple eye cream with SPF15 - lightweight, slightly hydrates and absorbs quickly. A little goes a long way with this, if you apply too much then you'll end up with a white cast.

Rating: 5/10
Would I recommend?: If you're on a budget, looking for a eye cream with SPF protection to prevent fine lines/ wrinkles and not really concerned about hydration around the eye area then yes. 

Clearasil Ultra Overnight Lotion - £6.99

I believe that the Overnight line is now discontinued in the UK, I can't find it anywhere in stores anymore. A shame, since they were the only Clearasil products that worked in my opinion. This one is my 6th tube! It does a brilliant job - cleared up my skin in a small amount of time, I used it regularly even when my skin was clear to maintain it, also to prevent spots. It reduced the redness in my skin too. 

Rating: 10/10
Would I recommend?: Most definitely! - inexpensive and does a better job than some high street products I've tried. Reduces spots and redness effectively. 

Tea Tree Essential Oil 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil - £1

A standard tea tree oil, work just like the Body Shop one, except that its cheaper huehue. I like that this one is 100% tea tree oil, where as the Body shop one is only 15%. Great for healing up blemishes and prevent future ones!

Rating: 9/10
Would I recommend: Indeed!

Ginvera Green Tea Refreshing Brighten Up Day Cream SPF 15 - £22

For full review click here* ^_^

Rating: 7/10
Would I recommend?: Yes - Great product, especially for summer - refreshes, brightens and protects your skin from UV rays. Contains SPF15 - great for when you're in a rush, as you won't need to apply SPF cream or use on top to add a extra layer of proaction. ^^ Has a bonus sweet and relaxing green tea scent that is lovely. 

LancĂ´me Hydra Zen NeuroCalm Day Cream 

This one does not contain SPF15 - I wonder why Lancome has one Hydra Zen with SPF15 and one without. Anyway a great moisturiser; it has a lovely rose scent that is very calming. Its slightly thick, so its not really recommended for those with oily skin. Absorbs into the skin well and smoothes the skin instantly, leaving the skin feeling plumped and healthy. I really like using this moisturiser, especially after waking up with lack of sleep.

Rating: 8/10
Would I recommend?: Yes, smoothes and hydrates the skin really well. However the full size (50ml) is pricey - £39.

Avon Clear Skin Blackhead Clearing Daily Astringent - £4

I decided to purchase this, as its recommend to use astringent if you have oily skin. It has a strong alcohol scent, so if you have sensitive skin, stay away from this. It removes oils effectively, however I found that it does not clear blackheads, which was a disappointment. I like that it contains 2% salicylic acids, as it helps to unclog my pores.

Rating: 6.5/10
Would I recommend?: If you have super oily skin - yes, as this removed oils and residue well. If you're looking for a product to help clear blackheads then no. Also stay away from this if you has sensate skin, as it contains alcohol. 

Clearasil Ultra Overnight Wash - £4.99

Love this wash! This helps my skin whenever I have breakouts. I use it to cleanse my face before bed; it works beautifully along with the Overnight Lotion. It works just as well on its own too. The size of my spots were reduced, along with the redness. It usually clears spot(s) in around 5/6 nights.

Rating: 10/10
Would I recommend?: Most definitely! - great price and does the job fantastically.

Have you finished any products recently? ^^


  1. I'm definitely going to try out the Clearasil Ultra Overnight Wash & Lotion! I sometimes get random huge spots on my chin, and they never settle until they pop ;( which ends up scaring.


    1. Completely understand you pain >< It really suck! D:
      Good luck with trying them ^__^

  2. All these products looks so good! thanks for the review :D

    Jessie @ bijou-heart ♥

  3. Yayyy happy it worked for you too! ^^ Thank you and thanks for reading ^__^

  4. I need to try out those Clearasil products!! I've been breaking out recently from unknown causes :(

    1. Ahhh maybe de the colder weather? >.< Breakouts suck :/
      Good luck if you try them! :')

    2. I live in Australia and it's summer hahaha :L

    3. oops my bad xDD breakouts are so weird >.<

  5. Hey dear! I tagged you on the 'Grateful Blogger Tag'! Every information is on my blog~
    Love, Jenny