My 100th post weeee~ Today i'll be reviewing another minicell product~ Sleeping packs are a must must for me during the colder seasons due to my skin breaking out and looking dull from lack of moisture. 

Product Description

"Minicell Sleeping Pack is a sleeping pack that supplies ample moisture to rough skin that lacks moisture for smoother and softer skin. Various hydrators, such as sodium hyaluronic acid and polyglutamic acid, leave your skin supple, while organic aloe extracts and camomile extracts relieve stimulation to protect your skin from trouble. Also, tomato callus culture extracts and yeast fermented mistletoe extracts supply moisture and nutrition for healthier skin."

The packing is simple yet sleek. I quite like that it comes in a tube and note a jar, as its hygienic and does not require me to use a spatula. The sleeping pack is suitable for all skin types; it has a soft cotton scent that is calming - lovely scent to relax you before sleep. The consistency of the sleeping pack is thicker than other sleeping packs/mask I have tried - Laneige and Tony Moly's were a light gel, where as minicell's is a heavier slimly gel, I would say like products with snail slim filtrate in. It not does leave a sticky feeling or any residue behind. I feel that due to the thicker constancy, the moisturising factor is pretty good - my skin feels pumped and soft in the morning. I've also noticed that it evened up my skin tone, making my skin appear healthy, which I love. I would love this product even more if it had a whitening function. 


  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Hygienic and convenient packaging - great for traveling
  • Hydrating
  • Lovely calming scent
  • Does not break you out, great for sensitive skin


  • Difficult to get hands on

Rating: 8/10

Would I recommend?

Indeed! ^^ - great affordable product that does the job

Do you have any sleeping packs you would like to recommend? Comment them down below~ ^^


  1. Sounds great!

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  2. Ohhh that sounds pretty good! I've never tried minicell products before.
    I've only started to venture myself into sleeping packs, I never really thought I needed to get one because I have oily skin. I'm using one from Daiso to start off with and then check out other sleeping packs!
    I've heard Laneige water sleeping pack is good, guess that's the one you've tried before though

    1. Ohhh ive been wanting to try the Daiso ones~ ^^
      Yep, really recommend the Laneige one if you don't mind spending more on products :')

  3. I've never heard of this brand....But this products looks great! Is it a good brand? Great review btw ♥

    1. Yes this is my second product from mini cell, their products have been really good so far ^^ great results and really affordable too :')
      Thank you~ thanks for reading ^.^

    2. Okay thank you for replying~ I will search for their products^^ Maybe I'm lucky keke

    3. You're most welcome ^^ good luck~ :D

  4. Looks like a nice product :)