Just like the Body Shop Skin Clearing Facial Wash this is a gift from my bestie Jess~ another thank you <3.

Product Description

"This refreshing toner for blemish skin gives a beautifully matte, skins-free finish."

The toner is made of 2 components; it a has a green liquid and powder that is settled at the bottom of the bottle. You need to shake the bottle, so that both mix together before you use it. Then you simply apply the toner onto a cotton pad to use. 

You'll notice a strong tea tree oil and herbal alcohol scent once you open the bottle, I quite like it but some people may find it overwhelming. I found that this toner removed all traces of sebum, makeup and residue that sometimes my cleanser missed. I have oily skin; I noticed that the toner helped keep my skin matte for a 2/3 hours extra and slightly minified the size of my pores. However, I did not see any difference to my blackheads. After a few months of usage, it helped to prevent pimples from popping up. 


This a great toner, its currently the best toner i've tried so far. I really enjoy using this toner, especially in the morning, as the scent and little stingles give a refreshing kick to start the morning. This is definitely one of the products that contributed to clearing my skin, so I will keep repurchasing it a few times until a find a better one. ^.~ I do recommend it to people with oily/blemish skin to, as it does a brilliant job of remove traces, leaving your skin feeling clean and matte for longer. However, I don't recommend this for people with sensitive skin, since it contains alcohol. It may be a bit harsh.


  • Removes all traces of excess sebum, makeup and residue 
  • Helps mattify skin for longer
  • Helps shrink pores
  • Does not dry out my skin
  • Helps prevent pimples


  • Some people may find the strong scent overwhelming 
  • Contains alcohol, so not recommended for people with sensitive skin
  • Does not get rid of blackheads

Rating: 9/10

Do you use a toner for your skin? ^^


  1. I'm using the hadalabo lotion toner thingy. I really want to try this one though!! I have oily skin too, but I though if I just over moisturise my skin using dry skin type products, maybe my face would produce less oil. Didn't work for me xD
    I've heard good stuff about their tea tree line

    1. Oooo I've heard good things about Hadalabo products ^.^ You could give it a try since its inexpensive. :') Lolol I try that sometimes and my face ends up looking like a oil puddle >.<

  2. i found this quite harsh for my skin even though mine is really oily :/

    1. Ahhh so sorry to hear that >.< its probably due to the alcohol :/

  3. we've tried the shiseido toner and it broke us out. so it's great to hear something more affordable is good. we're going to have to try it out!


    1. Ahhh sorry to hear that! >.< Give it shot, it may work for you ^^

  4. I have never use a toner, and I think that my skin is a bit sensitive so maybe I better don't try this xd

    1. Yep avoid it since its contains alcohol (not recommend for sensitive skin) >.<

  5. I read lot of bloggers reviewing this baby! Maybe I should try this.


    1. Try it ^^ you'll never know if you'll like it or not :')

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  8. Thanks for the review! It sounds like a great product! I should try it too!

    xxx from Tokyo