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주세요 달콤한 그 맛 Ice Cream Cake~ ^.^

In before anyone comes for me: I didn't dye my hair again. 

Before I dyed my hair pink/purple; I bleached the roots and mid length of my hair to lighten the regrowth and to fix up a previous patchy mess. Which resulted in a quite an interesting ombre look that reminded me of Red Velvet's hair in their most recent song - Ice Cream Cake. So I took this opportunity to take some Ice Cream Cake inspired pictures...

major fail if I must say! xDD I didn't plan to post these photos, since these were taken the day right after bleaching. So my hair didn't have enough time to recover and looks fried... .___. Posted them in the end anyway because my friend wanted to use them as reference in the future. ^^ Here you are~

and omggggg, any readers listen to KPop? So many good comebacks this month! Rap Mon, Bang Yong Guk, EXO, EXID, San E etc. I AM SO BLOWN AWAY! Everyone is absolutely slayingggggg abhahbjsa. What's your fave song this month? :') I can't choose >.<


  1. great hair and great photos =)

  2. ooohh i think this blonde ombre peach color is my personal favorite for you *u*
    I like how it looks with your skin tone!

    1. Thank you~ ^^ this was something really different for me, since i'm used to my reds, pinks and purples :')

  3. OOOoooo I am loving your hair gurl hehe you're soo pretty~ and the peachy orange ombre is the bomb I'm also planning on dip dyeing my hair for summer soon too with a combination of colours hehe and something about your hair just screams out summer vibes :D

    I feel yaaahh~~ I'm loving Exo and red velvets new songs who what! noway what rap mon has a comeback!? (need to checkit out now) xD
    Sindy xx

    1. Awww thank you lovely! Looking forward to seeing your hair ^__^

      Its solo good! YES YES YAS you do! Its absolute perfection, I can't get over how good Rap Mon's mixtape is omg.

  4. Your hair looks so gooood, daaaamn! ^o^
    I really should do something cute for summer with my own hair.

    I'm totally with you! Bang Yong Guks 4:44 had me fangirl for a couple of hours! Somehow I've managed to not listen to Red Velvets Ice Cream yet - Gotta go do that now!

    Lucy Hart <3

    1. Thank you! ^__^ yeses summer is a great excuse for bright colours ahha

      YESSSS 4:44 was so emotional! Hope BAP will be soon >.<
      Thanks for reading~ ^^

  5. You hair looks fine, not that fried! If anyones hair is fried, it's mine! hahaha! I do love your current hair though~ <3 no wonder it was different shades of pink haha

    Yessssssss I am really excited for San-E, I love him so much it hurts. hahaha!!
    Hahahaha actually I've been having a major throwback this month so I've been loving Dance With Me by Debelah Morgan. I totally forgot about this song but I came across it randomly after having a Nelly throwback and I still remember the lyrics hahaha!

    1. Its the most damaged my hair has been :__; Aww thank you Tokki~ <3

      Yassss I feel you girl! Oooo haven't heard those songs before, i shall check them out ^^ But nostalgic moments are the one!

  6. So pretty >w<
    This color is perfect on you :D
    I like their new song too héhé And I think you look like her in your pictures haha Nice job
    (PS: This ice cream look delicious *^*)

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    1. Aww thank you lovely, you're too sweet! ^^
      Awww welcome to my blog, hope you enjoy it ^^
      Sure that would great :')