This bath bomb is perfect for de-stressing! A mini escape to the seaside away from revision and responsibilities~ 

Big Blue contains arame seaweed, which is rich in vitamins and minerals, great for your skin as it soften, tones and detoxifies. It also helps regulates your metabloism so that you'll feel calm. Fine sea salt to soften and remove dead skin cells. As well as essential oils - lemon and lavender. 

When you drop the bomb into your bath, it will begin to fizzle and bubble, turning the water into a beautiful rich lagoon blue colour. The seaweed swirls around the water and settles to bottom of the tub, it does softens so don't worry about it scratching your skin. As you soak in all the nutrients, your skin becomes soft and smooth.

The seaweed adds to overall summer getaway seaside experience, which I think is very cool. However some people may not like it. There is quite a lot of seaweed and the pieces are small, it would be great if the pieces were larger so that it would be easier to clean. I used a drain filter to catch the seaweed, incase it clogged my drains.

I'm actually not a fan of seaside/ocean scents but I really enjoyed the scent of Big Blue! Slight ocean with a hint of calming floral from the lavender oil and touch of refreshing lemon citrus. Very relaxing experience and refreshed my mind.


  • Turns water into a beautiful vivid blue, that last throughout the experience 
  • Soft and smooth skin after use
  • Lovely calming yet refreshing scent
  • Fragrance lingers on body until the next day


  • A little too much seaweed, might clog drains

Rating: 8/10


A wonderful little treat! Perfect during exam season (or any stressful occasions). The bath bomb gives you a lovely experience almost like a mini getaway - drifting and relaxing you with summer vibes~ Definitely recommend this to people that don't mind seaweed or the little clean up. ^^

Have you tried any Lush bath bombs? If so, which is your favourite? :')


  1. oh wow that looks really great =)

  2. Oooo it looks really pretty!
    You're really good at describing things haha! I've never tried a LUSH bath bomb but I really want to, I'm always thinking about how horrible it is to clean though, but I guess the ones with all the bits and pieces are more fun to use haha

  3. omg <3 I've wanted to try one of these like forever *_*

  4. I love bath bomb from lush so much!
    I never tried this one but I like the color of the water after you use it >w<

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