The last KPop diet post I did was back in November oops. >.< If you're not familiar with Clara's she's an actress and model. You may recognise her from Jay Park's Joah MV. This post will focus on her workout and diet to achieve a model body. 

Clara's Diet: 

  • Bibimbap without pepper paste or sesame oil
  • Oil-based pasta
  • Steak without pepper or salt
  • Everyday eat breakfast and dinner on small plates (smaller proportions) and lunch on regular plates 


  • Girl's Day - Female President choreography. Clara says "there's a lot of moves where they twist upper and lower bodies in different directions. Its the best for making abs."
  • She exercised for 2 hours every for 6 months
  • Lift dumbbells to maintain her s-line 

A fairly easy and fun diet and routine to do~ ^^ 


  1. So I guess it's more focused on working out than dieting... I wonder how people have time to workout 2 hours everyday.. Sounds so painful ;-;

    1. Especially in their tight schedules too! I pass out from the like 15 minutes loll xDD

  2. oh wow that's really interesting =)

  3. Do you follow her routine too? Haha I'm always so lazy to workout! But since summer is coming up for me I think I should start xD

    1. I don't really follow a routine xD I just love food too much ;___; Good luck! ^^