Damnnn my wish lists are never ending! xD This wish list is in collaboration with DealSale. DealSale is an online shopping app that you can download on from the App Store and Google Play, so that you can shop anytime and anywhere on your mobile/tablet device. Almost like a mobile eBay app. There 's a huge variety of products available, from beauty, clothing, accessories etc. After scrolling through the app for good few hours, here are the items I picked out for my DealSale wish list. ^^

1) ACEVIVI Dead Sea Mud Mask

Raiding the beauty section (as any typical beauty blogger does first thing ^.<), I found this mud mask that looks pretty good~

2) Synthetic Leather Purse

Lovely purse; simple design with cute gold detailing. I'll keep this on my wish list for now as I recently purchased a Ted Baker one and am eyeing a Michael Kors one oops. :')

3) Chiffon Pleated Dress in White

You know it's not a true MishCheungX wishlist without a dress! hue :') This dress makes the model looks so angelic and innocent. I think it would a lovely style to try out.

4) Elegant Long Sleeve Dress

Another dress because why not? :') You can never own enough~ I've been seeing so many of my favourite Instagrammers wearing similar dresses, I really want one too ;___;

5) Patchwork Bodycon Dress

Last one I promise! Digging the panels of this dress! It looks formal and it can be worn for clubbing too.

6) Patchwork Short

YASSSSS these shorts are perfect! I NEED THEM IN MY LIFE. I don't think I need to explain how gorgeous they are, can be easily styled and would look great with almost anything. *^*

7) Bow Earings

Awwww how cute are these earrings?! 

Thats all the items on my wish list for now~ If you guys are interested in checking out some of these items out for yourself, you can simply search "dealsale" in the App Store or Google Play, to download the app. ^^

Hope you guys like the items I picked :D Which one is your favourite? ^__^ Let me know in the comments down below~

*This post is sponsored by: DealSale


  1. Great app!
    You have a lovely blog, followed you!


    Rue de Tres Chic

  2. wow this all looks so great =)

  3. Great selection:) nice post!

  4. the dresses are lovely.

  5. Great post!:)

  6. great post, love your wishlist!! :D xoxo

  7. nice wishlist! i think my favourite item would be the shorts~ its quite unique! :D

  8. the selection is so beautiful! .