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Getting your hair cut can be quite daunting huh? Especially when you're getting it cut in another country! >//< I always get my hair cut whenever i'm in Hong Kong, i've had some wonderful experiences and some welllll... a fricking waste of money. :) So having hair salon reviews are definitely very helpful. Today i'll be reviewing Hair Q~

I chose to go Hair Q, as my auntie recommended it and I remember BubzBeauty used to get her hair done here too. (anddddd because majority of hair salons recommended on the first page of Google were expensive af, don't want to waste HK$1700 again. I'm a broke student yo!)

Hair Q is located at Uptown Plaza Shopping Centre, Tai Po. I spontaneously went in without an appointment as I didn't plan to get my hair cut that day. As a last minute person, do I ever plan anything lol. Even without an appointment, the wait wasn't particularly long. I waited probably 20-30 minutes before a lady took me to get my hair washed. 

Waiting area~

After washing and conditioning my hair~
My hair smelt like apples; they also massage your head when rinishing, it was soooo nice. :') I found it interesting that Hong Kong salons usually wash their client's hair before cutting. In the UK it's the other way round.

The person that cut my hair was called Kay. I didn't have a hairstyle I was after, so I just asked him to trim 2 to 3 inches and cut what he thinks is best. He was very friendly and answered all my questions, as well as giving me useful hair advice.

*Apologies for the lack of photos, as there were other customers. ><

Hair before cutting~

Hair after cutting~

LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEEE the results! All my dead ends are gone, my hair looks much healthier and fuller too. I feel like an anime character~ What makes me even happier about the hair cut, is that Kay actually only cut 2 to 3 inches and not a good proportion off like my previous hair stylists have. Finally, someone that understands the definition of a trim! Overall I am super pleased, the service and skill was pretty good. I had my hair washed, cut and blow-dried for $168 which is suchhhhhh a good price for such a pretty hair cut. Would definitely visit them again when I next visit HK. :') 

If you ever plan on visiting them, details:
Location: Uptown Plaza Shopping Centre, Tai Po (ground floor)
Tel: 2651 7765

Have you had your hair cut recently too? If so what was your experience like? ^^


  1. Amazing colors:) kiss

  2. your hair color is soon pretty!

  3. great post my dear Michelle, I love the result :D I'm your newest follower <3 xoxo

  4. any interesting color you are very beautiful!


  5. i know i've said this on instagram, but damn, your hair color is NICE! lol
    in new york, well at least around where i live, they wash and then cut hair and then sometimes wash again lol

    i don't like how some hair stylists don't really understand 'trim', it ends up end to be like a full blown haircut... -lesigh-

    Judy | Simply MiuYee

    1. Thank you Judge ^__^
      Wash again?! First time hearing that, sounds so stripping though ;___;
      Yesss the struggles omg

      Thanks for stopping by <3

  6. Your hair looks more clean without those dead ends! I like that your hairstylist gave you new bangs too, looks really good! ^^b

    1. Thank you Leann <3 ^__^ yass no more dead ends :')

  7. So jelly that you're in HK girl! I want to go back so bad!

    Hehe and HK hair care + haircuts are the BEST! I always feel very satisfied after my haircut from there!


    your hair is so on point!
    ♥ Lauren xx | laurlauu . beauty . fashion . life . blog

    1. Dont be jell! >.<
      Yassss omg their treatments are so nice!
      I had a bad one from Fanling before Dx
      Thanks for reading~ ^^

  8. Love your sharing!Nice post

  9. nice results! :) but thats strange how your hair is washed after the cut in the UK, ive never heard of that before
    because every salon i've been to here washes hair first then cut haha

    1. reallllyyyy, omg im starting to questions the salons ive been going to now omg

  10. Hi, hope this isn't too late! I'm just wondering if they speak English there. I lack Cantonese I'm afraid but I plan to show photos if that helps them. Lovely hair btw!

    1. Im not too sure, I know theres 8 stylists there so hopefully one would speak english!
      Causeway Bay or Central is your best bet for english speaking stylist as its the tourist area ^^ I know theres a western hair salon called Hollywood Hair HK in Central~