Whilst exploring Causeway Bay, my friend wanted to check out Etude House's nail polishes. I ended up walking out the store with a few impulsive purchases but neither of us had any nail polishes~ xD So here is a small haul! :') I luckily managed to pick up something from the Dreaming Swan limited edition collection that features fashion illustrator - Kerri Hess. The packaging is so adorable! Can't wait to use and review it.

From left to right:
  • Dreaming Swan Cushion Case #03
  • Precious Mineral Any Cushion Refill (packed inside the case by the sales assistance ^^)
  • Dreaming Swan Eye and Cheek - #4 Releve Lilac
  • My Beauty Tool - Secret Brush 
  • Colour My Brows -#2 Light Brow

  • Moisturefull Super Collagen Cream
  • Beauty Shot Face Blur

My total spent was above HK$500 so they gave me extra samples! ^.^ Perks of shopping in-store. :') The samples you receive depends on the amount you spend, varying from $300, $500 and $800. The $500 set consist of:

  • Moisturefull Collagen Facial Freshener 15ml
  • Moisturefull Collagen Emulsion 15ml
  • Moisturefull Super Collagen Apoule Essence 15ml
  • AC Clinic Daily Kit

Have you got anything from Etude House or from another Korean cosmetic brand recently? If so, shae your haul with me *link them* I would love to see your haul! :D


  1. I love your haul *O* I think out of all the Korean cosmetics brand, I own the most from Etude House. I really want to collect their Dear my Jelly lipsticks (the balm/lipstick texture ones) because it feels amazing and well pigmented and natural on the lips.

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    1. Thank you~ omg i should have picked up some of the jelly lipsticks too XD

  2. I've used their face masks before!!! It smelled so gooood ~
    And I have a friend who used their lip gel patch and it looked hilarious, but she said her lips felt so soft afterwards o:
    Can't wait to see your reviews! ♥♥♥

    1. Korean skincare always smells so good! ^.^
      I saw that~ omg i would have taken so many derp pics with that patch on :')
      Shall try get them uo for you asap ^.<

  3. please make a review of that cushion :DD i wanna know ♥


  4. Replies
    1. Awww thank you~ loads more haul on the way~ :')

  5. Omg Lucky you have an etude house in your area ^__^ Plus I love your haul

    Linxnee-Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle

    1. I dont haha xDD I purchased them whilst i was on vacation ^__^
      Thank you~

  6. awww memories! i always end up splurging in HK xDD

  7. Nice haul! the cushion case is so cute! :)
    Etude house really hands out nice samples! *-* i'd probably spend more money there just to get more samples hahaha

    1. Thank you~ ^^ ahhaha going broke for more samples 8D
      I didn't know about the sample kits until i paid T__T The HK800 one had a 30ml foam cleanser too ><

  8. I love that blogpost and I am totally in love with Etude House *-*
    I wish Etude House would be sold in Germany and I wouldn't have to order everything online ;-;

    xoxo, Merce

    1. Thank you~ ^^
      I love their makeup ahhh~
      Same wih the UK >.< hopefully Etude house will expand into Europe soon :')