My resting bvtch face is back ayeee, kidding (i'll to try smile more xD) and yes my pink hair is back too! ^.^

I've been wearing leggings with crop tops a lot recently, here is one of the many outfits. Such a casual yet still fashionable outfit~ I tied the blouse around my waist as a decorative piece to dress up the outfit as I love the edgy graphic writing (and I could wear it, if I get cold ^^). I love the different textures in this outfit - chiffon, soft silky cotton, leather & lace panels. Gives it a little bit of something going on throughout the outfit. When I first got the leggings, I had no idea how I was going to style it! Monochrome is a go to pallet so thats what I opted out for. I love how the leggings show a bit of cheeky skin yet its very subtle. The leggings would have stood out more if I wore all black or a plain sweater.

Outfit Details:

Top: DIY
Blouse: Comme Des Garcons
Leggings: Dealsale (*sponsored item) 

What have you been a lot wearing lately? ^^


  1. I love your hair! I've always wnated to make it purple but then my mother said to let it be so I did, but someday I will make it purple:))
    You have a nice blog!

    Thank you for your lovely cooment on my blog :)
    I am following you back!

    1. thank you~ awwww hope you get to dye it purple soon ^.^

  2. SUPER CUTE TOP! And I love the blouse too!! Do you have pics of you wearing it? I'd like to see it's full design :)

    1. I do indeded~ in my outfit post Suspended :')