Hope everyone had a brilliant holiday!~ ^^ Been super busy the last few day but i'm hoping to get a few more reviews up before 2016. (Ironically posting a haul rn xD) Anyway, I completely forgot about this haul oops >.< These were some of the few items I purchased before heading off to uni~ I just got some makeup essentials that I use on a daily bases and a random hair dye because I wanted to test it out~ :')

  • Sleek Make Up Face Form Contour and Blush Palette in Light
  • Sleek Eye & Cheek Palette in All Day Soiree
  • Collection 2000 Illuminating Touch Concealer in Natural and Glow
  • MUA Eyeshadow Palette in Heaven And Earth
  • Schwarzkopf Color Mask in 910 Pearl Blonde
  • MUA Blusher in Bonbon

  • BaByliss 5116U Turbo Shine 2000 W Hair Dryer

Picked up a hairdryer too because my hair takes forever to dry! When I was at uni I was surprised that most of my flatmates didn't use hairdryers, maybe it's a girly or beauty thing to use hairdryers? No idea. xD

Did you purchase any beauty items before you headed off to uni or brought already owned makeup? ^^


  1. I'm curious O: You're starting winter semester at your uni or? O: Because I know most unis are already off ^^ And OMG Babylisss! I saw their magical curling thing and was fascinated. I know babyliss is sort of expensive though >.<
    Jessie @ bijou-heart

    1. nono i start in January ^^ my xmas break started weeks ago xDD
      I knowwwww i really want it xDDD they're decent price for UK, other brands cost the same or more ^^ considering we don't have much options compared to the US >.<

  2. Lovely purchases!Would it be possible to do a review on the 'MUA Makeup Pallette'?


    1. I shall try get round to that :') thanks for the request! ^^

  3. Oh man, it's been so long since I actually had the time to seriously comment under one of your blogpost ;O (I read it regularly though, it's like one of my fave blogs online :3)
    How have you been btw?haha :D
    Did you test the hairdye yet? I'm so not sure about what to do with my hair because I recently changed it back to my natural hair colour because I had to make new pictures for my passes (and blue hair in them would have been kinda weird xD) but I am so not feeling black/brown x'D the only thing I actually like is I don't have to bother about my roots growing out anymore xD but that's actually it x'D
    I hope you spent nice holidays with your family :) (do you celebrate Christmas?:o)

    xoxo, Merce <3

    1. Awwwww thats so cute! ^.^
      Not yet but I do have a hair dye review coming up next ^.<
      Im been doing good thank you, yourself? ^__^ ahhhh everyone gets frustrated with bleaching their roots xDD
      Thank you, hope you've had a lovely holiday! I do indeed :')

  4. The sleek palettes look great.. :) I never seen them before

  5. For some reason no one seems to use hairdryers anymore...only one of my room mates uses it besides me. The other ones let their hair naturally dry lol.

    1. same with mine! maybe saving money or too lazy? xD