Some magical editing for a magical month~ ^.^ I got this sample along in my Innisfree shopping spree back in Hong Kong. I have the tendency to use masks whilst studying because it's like a mini stress reliever. Being the potato queen of procrastination I am, i'm going to start sharing/reviewing these "mask sessions" to somewhat make my procrastination more productive? XD Staring with the review~

The clay mask is made with Jeju volcanic clay, which is said to remove sebum and impurities effectively. A 6 in 1 mask that helps to shrink pores, control sebum, exofoliates, deeply cleanses, brightens tone and cools.

It has a velvet texture with a thick yet lightweight consistency, it doesn't harden much so you can still freely move your facial muscle. Has a light soothing scent; you don't really notice it when it's on your face so its great for those that are sensitive to fragrance. I left the mask on for 10 minutes, you can feel a lovely minty cool and tingling sensation when it dries. The cool and tingling sensation was still there even after I rinsed it off with lukewarm water. Easy to apply and dries quick~

My skin feels smooth and deeply cleansed afterwards, however it also feels less hydrated. The mask helped to control sebum and slightly minimises pores. A pretty good mask, I wouldn't mind purchasing the full product. ^^ The full size (100ml) is available from the official innisfree site for £10.15 if you are interested~

Rating: 7/10

Does anyone else use masks whilst studying too? ^^


  1. I love trying different masks~! This one sounds really nice <33

  2. I guess im gonna have to try this. :) Michelle hope you can follow me GFC too! I'm always a fan of your blog.


  3. This sounds really good.. =)
    Well, since i'm not studying anymore, i wear mask while doing household things.. =)

  4. I love using masks! Currently, I'm using Alba Botanica's deep sea facial masks to equalize pigmentation of my skin!!! I love it cus it smells so good :^)
    Thanks for the great review + I love your nails ♥

    1. ooo thats a new product to me~ sounds really interesting! hope you do a review on it ^___^
      Thanks for reading and thank you!

  5. love the color of the mask <33

    cheer, michelle ~