DARIYA ☆ Palty Bubble Hair Dye - Walnut Latte Ash Review

December 30, 2015

It's been a while since I've reviewed a hair dye aye~ Nowadays i'm in a committed relationship with pink hair :') Although I will occasionally have it blonde during colour correction phrase. ^^ So I haven't changed my hair colour~ I dyed my friend Jessie's hair blonde. ^^ She purchased this Palty dye in Walnut Latte Ash, it's one of Palty's newly launched 2015 colours.  She got it when she was in Japan, so i'm not too sure of the price, sorry! But you can get it online from eBay/Amazon. Starting with the review and process~

Colour On Packaging:

Contents In The Box:

  • Mixing Tub
  • Instruction Leaflet and Gloves
  • Colour Cream
  • Liquid Developer
  • Mixing Tool
  • After Haircare Treatment

Instructions & Process:

***I tried to follow the instructions on the back, but since I can't read Japanese I did one step wrong, which was very crucial! ><

1) First I mixed the developer and colour cream together in the tub with the tool given. BEFORE you do this, you will need to the shake the liquid developer 20 times prior using it. The shaking helps to make the dye foamy/extra bubbly. I wasn't aware of the shaking before use at the time (because you're suppose to gently mix for Liese's Bubble Dye), so my dye mixture was quite flat.

2) Then I applied the mixture onto dry hair and left it for around 25 minutes. Jessie's hair is very long so one box wasn't actually enough to cover her whole head. I had to drag the already applied dye on her head to the ends to try cover everything.

3) After 25 minutes, I rinsed out the dye from her hair and used the aftercare treatment given. I feel that there was very little product in the treatment. I would be nice if Palty increased the amount of product given in the treatment sachet. ^^


Hair on the left was before dying it - bleached hair with orange tones. Hair the right was the results after~ A medium ashy blonde. The colour is very ashy so it covered a lot of the oranges tones which is great! But the colour doesn't match the box. A average dye, it might of had a better performance if I shook the developer before hand. However the dye was very drying! (you can see the dryness/fizziness in the results) Lastly the treatment given was not good at all, a normal conditioner would have probably done a better job.

Rating: 4/10

Have you tried Palty Bubble dye's before? ^^
& have you got anything planned for New Year's eve? :')

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  1. wow great color =)


  2. All the best for the new year Michelle i wish you many blessings and prosperity,For the new year i plan to make some resolutions and try to reach some goals and make new ones also

    1. awwwww thank you and you! ^.^ i try to make resolutions but its so hard sticking to them!

    2. Your most welcome yes it's hard sticking to them so true

  3. I never tried Palty Bubble Hair Dye but it looks super drying and damaging :O I always use Liese's Bubble Hair Dye~ It's a pity that you forgot to shake it and also that the colour is not as ashy as you wanted it to be or as it was on the box photo ;-; But I think your new colour is very pretty as well, I'm planning to dye my hair blonde or a really light brown this summer too. Is there a conditioner you recommend to prevent damage from dying/bleaching your hair?


    1. yesh we didnt expect it to be do drying ><
      its not my hair, my friends ^^
      i am current using kerastase hait treaments, its amazing! but pricey

  4. I have never died my hair before, but I want to~! I'll be careful with this brand though. Hope you have a happy New Year <33


  5. great review and happy new year dear <33

    cheer, michelle ~ http://livedreammagic.blogspot.com/

    1. thanks for reading and happy new year to you! <3

  6. the color didnt look like in the box, and also it made the hair become dry >.<
    anw Happy New Year ^^


  7. Great post
    Happy new year

    Love Vikee

  8. Great post! Happy New Year :)

    follow for follow?

  9. I'm sorry it didn't come out they way you wanted it to be but it still looked quite nice! The packaging of the item is cute though lol it would have made me want to buy it too but packaging may be deceiving! lol Anyways we learn from our mistakes :) Thank you for the review!


    1. Japanese packaging is just too cute to not purchase xD
      Thanks for reading <3 and happy new year ^__^

  10. The colour totally suits you!

    Blog || Instagram

  11. Yikes, that color doesn't look like the box at all!!!! A lot of friends actually use Palty and it is a common hair dye sold in a lot of stores where I live. I think one that my friend liked to use was called milk tea or something like that.

    You are like a hair dying expert, hehe.

    1. AH really? It's hard to get access to palty in uK >< so we get them online, abroad or pay super overprice at major asian stores.

  12. Funny how I always want to have a short hair but always end up keeping it long again and again haha, thanks! For more info click this over here now