I was contacted by StyleWe.com as they wanted me to introduce their online store of women fashion item to you guys! This site is perfect for my lovelies that adore the European chic and high class runway trend. The items on StyleWe are gorgeous and unique; I have not seen other stores that offer clothing like StyleWe. That's mainly why I wanted to recommend this store to you! ^^ I'm already eyeing a few items so I though I'd share some of my favourite items. :') Let's get started with the first item~

Auchan-Ai - Black Mini Dress: 

How cute is this black mini dress? Another LBD to add to my wardrobe maybe? :') (and damnnnn girl look at the model pose!)

Jade&Cloud - Elegant Blouse:

The detail in this blouse is stunning! I love that modern vintage style *^* I wish it suited me though T__T

CC.Su - Off Shoulder Batwing Dress:
This dress has like a aesthetic and gothic concept, which I think is interesting and love the outcome! The off shoulder style makes it even more to die for *^*

OUSHANG - Floral Organza Dress:
One word to describe the dress - breathtaking. I mean look at the layers and flow of it omgggg.

Lavidione - Stripes Cropped Pants:
Chic and fashionista afff. If I lived in France, this is probably what I would wear everyday.

I hope you check out StyleWe.com as I genuinely adore their products and recommend it if you're looking for something fresh and elegant. They also offer other item such as swimwear, handbags etc and free shipping if your order is over $60.

Which one is your favourite? ^^

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by: StyleWe.com 


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