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The hair salon I reviewed last year (Hair Q) shut down! T__T They have another branch (also in Tai Po) but I decided to look for a new one since many of my friends say that Mong Kok and Causeway Bay have the best hair salons in HK. I was in Mong Kok and felt spontaneous to cut my short since i've had long year for years now. Short hair is also currently very trendy in HK, Taiwan, Korea etc so yeahhhh let's go for it! ^^

Hair washing area. PC: Natural Hair Design fb

I went in without an appointment and didn't need to wait. I had a consultant done with Grey, he was amazing and advised me on all the different hair styles I could go. I originally wanted a blunt cut like Kendall Jenner. Cos omfggg I adore her~

But since my hair was previously layered, if I were to get a solid blunt cut I would of had to cut it chin length and I just did not had the mental preparation for it to be that short. So we decided on cutting shorter than Kendall's but longer than chin length. 

I had my hair washed before cutting. Wash, cut and blowdry cost $130. ^^

Hair Before Cutting:

Hair After Cut:

Quite a drastic result, but I love it! Can't wait until my layers are fully grown out so I can't get that solid cut i'm after. I'm thinking of going even shorter. :')

After the cut I had a BBO treatment which cost $500 and took 45minutes to complete. The treatment completely changed my hairs' life. It was super oily for the first few days but after a few more washed my hair was like back alive again, better than ever! Overall I'm happy with everything, the cut and the service so I would recommend Natural Hair Design~ ^^ and rate it 8.5/10

Salon Information:

Location/地區: Shantung St 61A, Mong Kok 旺角
                         1/F,NO,61A SHANTUNG STREET,MONG KOK 旺角山東街61號A1樓
Number/電話: 3755 4118


  1. The New haircut suits you dear.
    Lets just follow each other.
    Follow me and I will follow u back

  2. The New haircut suits you dear.
    Lets just follow each other.
    Follow me and I will follow u back

  3. Do you know how they are in terms of colouring? I want a new hairstyle including colour but just don't know where to go...

  4. Love your new haircut.. You look gorgeous.. =)