Massive thank you to Cafe Rouge for inviting me to celebrate the launch event of their new Autumn/Winter Menu! Much love for you guys~ <3 The event was held throughout the 3 branches they have Birmingham UK - Bulling, Mailbox and Brindley Place. I chose to go the Cafe Rouge in Mailbox because the view is stunning and it's one of my favourite spots for Instagram worthy photos. For those that haven't heard of Cafe Rouge before, it's your one stop for delectable French cuisines. Feeling steak? Duck? or maybe a glass of red wine with some cheese? They've got it all. Don't worry, they also have many vegetarian dishes too!

Here is the outfit I wore~ Since we were celebrating the Autumn/Winter menu, I opted out for that classic oversized cardi fall outfit. I probably should have went for a classy outfit instead of casual because all the other bloggers were so beautifully dressed up ahh! But hey, I had uni before I went ^.<

I was allowed to bring a plus one, so I invited my bestie Jess to have a nice catch and because she's always my steak date. <3 When we arrived at Cafe Rouge, we was welcomed with some cheeky Prosecco. The staff and atmosphere were so welcoming and friendly. Such a lovely start to the night of sensations~


We took some selfies while waiting for the bloggers to arrive because why not? :')

They also let us try some of the new items on the menu whist waiting, (apologies I didn't take individual photos of them) we tried Salmon Rilette - our personal favourites and we whole hearted recommended it!, Pate, Croquettes de légumes and many other delicacies~

Here is Jess being camera shy and trying one them! The Ting Thing in the background ahhh

Time to get to real meal going~ 

For starters, Jess chose Soufflé and I chose Escargots.

How aesthetic does the Soufflé look?!

Escargots, yes I ate snails! This is actually my second time; my first time eating snails was in France~ Now the big question - how does it taste? It just taste like mushrooms with a garlic butter. *laughing emoji face* On the right of the photo, in the little pot you can see the snails more clearly. ^^ If you have escargots for your starter, its oven baked with roquefort butter, smoked lardons and lemon paprika crumble. Full of texture and bursting with flavour.

After we've finished our starter, we had some Steak Education! He gave us some insight on the different sections of beef and how to enjoy a good steak. Everyone was very engaged into it and it was quite amusing watching other bloggers with their cameras out taking photos from all sort of angles. My friends normally get annoyed at me for taking photos of food before I let them eat.

All this amazing steak. We literally had a feast. Omg I captured the glorious moment when he cut the 24oz Côtw De Boeuf.

Wine tasting before we have our main~ Wine is a necessity when having steak!

Don't mind me tucking into this sexy 7oz Fillet steak~

To finish off the meal we had some cheese and the bae of all desserts - Crème brûlée

Fewwwwww such a long post, hope you guys didn't get too hungry from all this food/steak porn! ^.< Had such a lovely night but now it's time for me to hit the gym and burn all those calories I ate. Definitely worth it! I was already a fan of Cafe Rouge but their new menu has got me screaming over it. If you're looking for something different this Christmas or just want to try out some amazing food you can check out Cafe Rouge's new menu~ ^^ Please please please try the Salmon Rilette, it's so good!


  1. Hey girl :) great pictures :) I love the black n white outfit though :)