Gigi Hadid is currently the face of Tommy Hilfiger. I adoreee her fashion style~ so I decided to challenge myself and channel my inner Gigi Hadid - inspired by her collection with Tommy. I went for a Edgy Parisian Chic style, since that's the kind of vibes I get off the brand and whenever you see blue, red and white put together, you instantly just think of TH! The main focus on this outfit is definitely the contrast - dark to light, from head to toe. A little contrast play with the red and white stripes in this cute Zaful halter crop top too. (Omg iamkareno also has this top! <3) Ngl I feel like a different person with this outfit but its a nice change. ^^

Outfit details:
Top: Zaful
Jacket: H&M
Jeans: Levi's
Bag & Shoes from Hong Kong~

Have you tried/explored other styles? ^^