Magic Mountain Saloon

Melbourne full of treasures - there's so much to discover, with endless places to eat! Before I left Melbourne I was super lucky and won a competition for a dinner for two at Magic Mountain Saloon. *celebration emoji* I'm so grateful to have won that Instagram competition because upcoming on this post is some of the best food that i've eaten in my life so far. No exaggeration.

MMS is a modern hip bar and restaurant that offers Austrian and Thai food. I find this a very interesting combination because welllll the UK doesn't really offer much food variety, it's literally the same thing everywhere. The food is said to be from a wood-fire grill. MMS has two floors; the placed was lit with red neon lighting and candles so it was quite dim. Makes a cute atmosphere for a dinner date or gives off littt af vibes to get the night started at the bar, depending on your occasion.

► Food

There was such a wide variety of food on the menu it was quite hard to pick! Especially since i'm indecisive af and my food buddy Sara is as well. So we asked the staff for recommendations, they personally love the grill and curry dishes. Going by their recommendation we opted out for the Holy Trinity and some Roti Bread for the side. The roti bread was very buttery and soft, I wish there was more of it! Oh btw for drinks we just had sparkling water. I never liked sparkling water until I tried the artisan sparkling water at MMS. It tasted sooo pure and clean (water does have a taste, don't even try say they all taste the same!). I questioned how could water taste so good and when I saw the bill that it cost $7, I understood why. $7 for water, realllyyy? Ngl worth it though.

This baby here is the Holy Trinity, you'll find this on the grill section of MMS's menu and yes it is as good as it sounds! It comes with a Cured Pork Belly, 2 Chicken & White Fungus Sausage and King Prawns. The pork belly is literally to die for! Best piece of meat i've eaten in my life, i'm not even exaggerating. I still remember how good it was - full of flavour, tender and not greasy like your typically pork belly. It melts the second it's enters your mouth. The Chicken & White Fungus Sausage was my least favourite. The sausage had quite a lot of spices in, it does give you a kick of spice but it overpowered any flavour the sausage had. So thats a no from me. King Prawns were grilled to perfection, have nothing bad to say.

The Holy Trinity also comes with Coleslaw & Salad as well as three sauces - Green Chilli Sauce, Hot Sauce and Tomato Relish. Decent Thai salad and lovely aesthetic presentation.

► Dessert

To finish off the dinner, we I had Pumpkin & Coconut Creme Brûlée. I'm a sucker for anything coconut flavoured. Love the twist and combination they went for. You could taste the delicate coconut, it's not very sweet like your traditional creme brûlée. It also has a slightly rougher texture and isn't as smooth. Only ever so slightly though.

► Overall

If you want to try something different, I definitely recommend giving MMS a try. I would so go back for that pork belly, I need to relive that moment of it melting in my mouth. The staff were friendly however the service was a little slow. Also the food is quite pricey for the amount you get, so I recommend this for special occasions. But overall I had a pleasant experience here, I may check out the bar the next time i'm back in Melbourne.

Rating: 7/10

Interested in checking out Magic Mountain Saloon yourself? It's located in Melbourne, CBD near china town.

Address: 62 Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
Contact Number: +61 3 9078 0078