This is outfit was inspired by one them motivational Instagram quotes - "Your style should match your ambition" and "Ambition is the new black".

I've definitely been leaning towards black and monochrome outfits lately. It could be to do with the weather but yes anything black is a major yassss for me. I've been loving this deep plunge and high waist romper from Rosewholesale. It's made from Polyester, but it's so soft it almost feels like satin. I appreciate its versatility; you could wear it during daytime to work and slay everyone looking like a boss babe or during night to the club for a sexy chic look. I personally adore styling it with an oversized black blazer from Atmosphere and stacking on some chokers because i'm clearly stuck in the choker obsession phase lol. Okay that's enough procrastination from me, yo girl need to get back to doing coursework welppp. 

Outfit Details: 

Chokers: Zaful 
 Glasses: Zaful
Blazer: Atomsphere
Romper: Rosewholesale (Sponsored item)
Bag: H&M

Catch you guys in my next post! x