Pinky Paradise $19.90 | LINK 

Shhhh i'm revealing the secret as to why I've have been looking slightly different in my selfies recently~ ^.< I've been wearing the Geo Magic circle lenses! These lenses are for my lovelies that prefer something natural, the lenses are so subtle to the point people can't even tell that you're wearing them.

► Lens Care & Info:

For first time users or just for quick refresh, Pinky Paradise has a Wear and Care Guide that includes everything you need from how to open circle lenses bottle to inserting the lens into your eye. *As always soak your lenses in solution for at least overnight before wearing them.

► Colour & Pattern: 3/5

A simple and minimal pattern design, nothing special. The colour doesn't lighten your eyes, it's just blends in seamlessly with dark brown eyes. They blend in really well, so its hard for people to tell that you're actually wearing lenses. The colour remains the same in different lighting. The lenses also come in black, so if you wanted the limbal ring to be more noticeable and to darken your eyes slightly then you may prefer the black ones over brown. 

► Enlargement: 3.5/5

The lenses have diameter of 14.2mm. Gives a very subtle enlargement to the eyes which I think is perfect for natural enhancement. But if you're looking for lenses that will noticeably enlarge your eyes, these don't provide it. You know them beauty app that enlarge your eyes slightly? These lenses basically give you the real life photoshop effect. No need to use that app feature anymore eh?

► Comfort: 5/5

I have worn these for 10+ hours because I forgot that I was wearing them. They're that comfortable. *Not recommended to wear them for that long.* The lenses are thin, no discomfort or dryness experienced. I was quite concerned it would dry out my eyes as the water content is slightly lower compared to ones I normally wear, thankfully these still wore out great! 

► Overall:

For someone thats not fond of super natural lenses (because I want people to be able to notice that i'm wearing lenses yo), I really like them! These are definitely everyday lenses, that subtly enlarges your eyes. Great for first time buyers. Not recommended for cosplay purposes for obvious reasons.

Would love to give you guys a discount code but unfortunately my Pinky Paradise one expired! >.< Will try to get you guys another one! <3 x