Hidden rainbow galaxy hair, you read that right! Here is a quick hair update of my new colour~ 

This is probably the most adventurous i've been with my hair since my GDragon feather duster/crayon inspired KPop hair. As much I love fashion colours, I was starting to get bored of it and wanted a change. I saw the hidden rainbow hair trend going around my Facebook and decided to give it a shot because why not? Life is short after all. I went for a unicorn galaxy theme rather than following the rainbow spectrum.

I used the Schwarzkopf Ultra Bright semi permanent dyes in Shocking Pink, Purple Punk, Turquoise Temptation and Electric Blue to achieve the highlight colours. As for my full head colour, its a metallic silver pink. I used a Japanese professional salon dye brand Meiry, mixing two dyes Water Pink and Silk Ash together.

My hair is layered so you can see the hidden rainbow peaking through. If you want if to be fully hidden, make sure your hair is full length with a blunt cut.

Would you guys like to see a tutorial on how I dyed my hair like this? ^^
If you do, let me know in the comments below~ <3