I don't usually review shampoos but god damn this one smells AMAZINGGG~ Bless up them cute Korean shops that give out samples with purchases, otherwise I would not have discovered this baby.

Either I took these photos at a really bad timing when the sun was setting or I shouldn't do pink on pink because my camera doesn't like it. Each photo gets more yellow ahhhh. Moving on~

Cherry Blossom has deep moisturising properties; it's suppose to hydrate lifeless, dry and thinning hair. Organist claims that it fills the cuticles gaps in the hair's structure to prevent it from nutrient loss. I think it does the job as it leaves my hair soft and smelling amazing! I like that Organist uses nature loving and eco friendly ingredients. It also doesn't contains any parabens or silicon. The scent of the shampoo is to die for if you adore sweet and floral scents. I want all my toiletries to smell of cherry blossom! The shampoos comes in a very light pastel pink colour with shimmer in it. I managed to get two uses out of the sample. It lathers nicely. There's nothing bad I can say about it. I absolutely adore it and will be getting a full sized bottle when I travel to Asia~

Rating: 10/10


  1. Looks interestin, I have to try it:)


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    1. its my fist time hearing about this brand too ^^

  3. Hi Mish just casually stalking you ahahah x
    loving your blog