It's exam season so once again my social media and blog are suffering rippp. So i'm going to write a quick review while i'm on a break (*cough procrastinating*). Love me some facial mist during the warmer seasons, they're just so refreshing! Loads of Korean celebrities such as Song Ji Hyo love to spray toner and facial mists as well~ The current one i'm using is a drugstore one from Superdrug's Vitamin E line.

You get 150ml of product, which is a lot more than other ones I have. The toner contains vitamin E which is an antioxidant to help protect your skin against environmental damage and contains aloe vera to moisturise the skin. 

I like to use it as a toner before I moisturise my face and spray it throughout the day when I need a little wake me up because I get tired really easily. It instantly cools and refreshes your face with a lovely sensation. To use the spray, close your eyes and spray from 15cm away. Ohhh it also smells really nice, it has a gentle scent slightly like coconut.

It does what it claims and is affordable. I like that it contains simple and natural ingredients. The only downside is that it's not travel friendly so I have to transfer some into a travel spray bottle to use on the go. Nevertheless it's still go a product; I rate it 7/10.