My blogging schedule completely flew out the window during exam season (when does it not? but it has been extremely terrible this year ><). I am a free child again so I shall try to not be a lazy bum and get things back running in full swing! Empathise on the *try* because I got a new job yasss~ Anyway, my friend Ginny has started her own blog as well as a circle lens store - REISEN HOUSE! She was super lovely to send me a pair to review so here we are reviewing the Lollipop's Bliss Lens in Blue~

► Shipping:

How cute is everything? The lenses came with a kit that includes a mirror case, contact lens case, lens tweezer and a stick with sucker. I love that it came with extras, as circle lens stores usually give you a contact case only. Reisen House is based in the UK, so the shipping was quick and arrived in 3/4 days.

► Lens Care & Info:

For first time users or just for quick refresh, this Wear and Care Guide includes everything you need from how to open circle lenses bottle to inserting the lens into your eye. *As always soak your lenses in solution for at least overnight before wearing them.

► Colour & Pattern: 3/5

A simple one tone rim design; it blends in nicely with dark brown eyes. The results actually appear very natural, adds a lovely subtle hint of colour. My course mate couldn't pinpoint what changed about my appearance hehe. The colour does change in different lighting, sometimes it can appear grey. If you can't decide between Bliss Blue or Bliss Grey then I suggest going for Bliss Blue. You get the best of both worlds, I mean they look pretty similar right?

► Enlargement: NA/5

The lenses do not have any enlargement effect, as they are the standard iris diameter so I can't rate it.

► Comfort: 3.5/5

The first time I wore the lenses it was uncomfortable and I had to take them out. Probably mainly my fault as I didn't soak them overnight *I do the life lessons so you don't have to and I can give you tips ^.<*. First time experiencing discomfort though. After leaving it in solution for a few days, its felt so much better! Couldn't feel them in my eye and there was no irritation like the first time. I managed to wear them for around 8 hours. It didn't try out my eyes even when I worked on the computer all day. 

► Overall:

These lenses are something completely different for me. It's nice to try out Thai lenses, as I usually go for Korean or Japanese ones. The design is nice for everyday wear as its very subtle, something I might swear everyday if it had prescription (i'm blind af without prescription or glasses).  The comfort was okay in the end. The packaging and service was good~

I also liked the variety of lenses that Reisen House offers, most of the lenses stocked are completely new to me. So if you don't want to be a basic and get mainstream lenses you can check them out ^.<. Shipping is really quick if you live in the UK too.

Do you prefer natural lenses or vibrant ones? ^^

*Item sponsored by: REISEN HOUSE